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The wide braid is a 6 strand braid.

Baby/child protective cushion, can be used for crib, house bed, reading corner etc. It is soft, supple, stretchable. Ribbed jersey fabric, 100% cotton, padded with Oeko Tex polyester fiber.

The fabrics being dyed by hand in the workshop, it is possible that the colors vary from one braid to another. Each piece is unique. Light colors may be slightly mottled. The Large braid is available to measure (refer to the photos to choose the model) with about twenty cm in height. The braid is fixed with ribbons, supplied not sewn,  depending on the medium in which you are going to use the braid. It prevents baby from bumping and getting his feet or arms stuck in the bars. Maintenance tips:

The braid goes in the washing machine, 30°C maximum, on delicate, 800 rpm maximum, no tumble dryer. Protect it in a pillowcase type cloth. If bicolor / tricolor put a bleach stop wipe. Avoid washing the braid in the first month because it has just been dyed, if possible.

Namely that it arrives at your home already washed by me.

NB: The dimensions of the braids are approximate, each braid is unique and its size may vary. However, they are stretchable and easily adapt to the structure of the bed.

Creation deadlines: Please refer to the deadlines indicated in red at the top of the site, these are regularly updated according to the flow of orders.

Product neither exchanged nor refunded because created on order only. Any omission to fill in the customizations (dimension + type of bed) will result in the cancellation of the order and its refund.

Bed Braid Large 1 has 6 colors

PriceFrom €80.00
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